Custom Knobs Add Pizzazz to Bathroom Cabinets

Custom knobsIf you are like me, you may want to update your bathroom but do not really have a great deal of money to put into an upgrade.  I wanted to really make a statement in my bathroom so I looked around for some knobs that could add that element that was simply missing.  As I was looking at the different knob types, I found that there were more choices than I could ever imagine. There are not only many different styles and colors of metal, wood and glass knobs, but they come in so many different shapes too.  My bathroom décor is an underwater scene.  There are shells everywhere and the shower curtain has a coral reef pattern with brightly colored fish on it.  I painted the walls light blue and used a sponge with a darker blue to make the walls appear as if they are made of water as well. The only thing I had not done was the cabinets and I really wanted to do something that would make the counters stand out more than they did.  I decided to paint the cabinets in the darker blue to set off the walls and it looked great. 

But the knobs just did not fit in with the rest of the bathroom.  I was very pleased to find that there were many different kinds of custom knobs in the shape of many different types of shells.  Instead of choosing one shell, I went with many different kinds of shells to add diversity to the cabinets while still sticking with the underwater theme. Any bathroom décor can be set off in this same way with all the different patterns that can be found on knobs these days.  I have never thought of custom knobs as a part of the décor but now I’m sold on them.  The next fun project I am going to embark on is switching out all of the knobs in my kitchen! Useful links: whimsical knobs , nautical knobs , custom knobs

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