Tips for Choosing New House Numbers

If you’re like most people you may not even think about house numbers until you’re searching for a specific address. Many people only see them as a necessity that makes it easy for others to find your home. For example, they make it easy for new friends to locate your address and for the postal service to deliver your mail. In the event of an emergency when someone in the home needs medical assistance the emergency vehicles use house numbers to find you faster and easier.

However, even though they do serve an important purpose, house numbers can actually make a big impression when it comes to sprucing up the outside of your home. This is why so many homeowners take some time to go over their options and look for numbers that are uniquely designed. This way, they can find ones that go perfectly with the rest of the exterior of the home.

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Custom Knobs Add Pizzazz to Bathroom Cabinets

Custom knobsIf you are like me, you may want to update your bathroom but do not really have a great deal of money to put into an upgrade.  I wanted to really make a statement in my bathroom so I looked around for some knobs that could add that element that was simply missing.  As I was looking at the different knob types, I found that there were more choices than I could ever imagine. There are not only many different styles and colors of metal, wood and glass knobs, but they come in so many different shapes too.  My bathroom décor is an underwater scene.  There are shells everywhere and the shower curtain has a coral reef pattern with brightly colored fish on it.  I painted the walls light blue and used a sponge with a darker blue to make the walls appear as if they are made of water as well. The only thing I had not done was the cabinets and I really wanted to do something that would make the counters stand out more than they did.  I decided to paint the cabinets in the darker blue to set off the walls and it looked great. 

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European Bar Pulls: How Long Do You Go?

Bar Pulls
Bar Pulls

Customers often ask us if there is a set size bar pull that goes on a specific drawer size.  Your preference should be your number one reference.  There is no rulebook for bar pulls, however, there are a few guidelines that have proven to be helpful:

Quantity Makes a Difference

The layout of your room is an important factor to consider.  If you are looking to use bar pulls in a kitchen with many drawers and cabinets clustered in one area, extra long pulls may put your kitchen at risk of hardware overload!  Scaling back a little may be pleasing to both your eye and your wallet.  We suggest using painter’s tape or wooden dowels as templates before you order.  Cutting the approximate lengths of potential pulls and holding them up in your designated room will give you a greater idea of how much is too much.

Ultra-Contemporary = Ultra Long

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Choosing the right theme of decorative hardware for your style of home

european bar pulls Looking to create a new look for an old home?  Whether you’re a first time buyer or homeowner veteran, updating the hardware in your humble abode can be your ticket to an inexpensive renovation!

FINISHING TOUCHES: color is everything!

Picking the right theme &  finish for your decorative hardware is generally the most thought provoking aspect of the entire ordeal.  It can be overwhelming if you don’t have a strong preference before visiting our showroom or website.  The hardware’s finish serves as an integral part of the piece’s design.  The style you are going for can be enhanced by choosing the appropriate finish.  Here are some general suggestions:

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How to measure your existing cabinet handles for replacements

“Center” is the distance between the two screw holes. 

Replacing your old <a title="Cabinet Handle Search" href="http://hardware go to” target=”_blank”>cabinet handles is simple and an inexpensive alternative to spruce up your décor.  You will want to measure from the center of the first hole to the center of the second hole to determine your pre-existing centers. This way you will avoid drilling new holes and filling the old ones.

Please remove the existing cabinet handle prior to obtaining your centers. It will be tempting to avoid the removal of your current hardware in place while measuring however your measurements will be inaccurate.  We recommend the removal of your existing cabinet handles prior to obtaining your measurements.

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Amerock Inspirations Oil Rubbed Bronze Knob – 1 1/4" – AME-BP1581-ORB

Amerock Inspirations Oil Rubbed Bronze Knob – 1 1/4″

[ 5 Stars ]   Ellen Z., Astoria, NY:

Substantial weight, good quality and true to picture.

[ 5 Stars ]   Debbie A., DeLand, FL:

On Monday we ordered and asked for your help in receiving the product within the week, they were at the door by the time our son was home for the weekend to help install. Wonderful service, product was the quality and color we were looking for. Thank You.

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