Proper Care for Decorative Hardware

Caring for cabinet hardware
Learn to clean and take care of your hardware the right way.

You can spend a great deal of money of decorative hardware for your cabinets and drawers.  These pulls can cost up to thirty dollars a piece if they are made out of certain materials.  You do not want to spend all that money and then ruin them by not properly maintaining them.  There are some care tips that can help you to care for decorative hardware and keep it looking great.  The type of care they require depends upon the material that they are made out of.

  • Brass – Brass looks lovely in any room of the home and it can be quite shiny.  The last thing you want to use on brass are harsh abrasives that can take off the natural patina.  Instead, use a good brass polish to keep it nice and bright.  Before polishing, clean them gently with soap and water.  Always use a soft, lint free cloth when cleaning or polishing brass decorative hardware.

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Choosing the Appropriate Home Theme

Home ThemeIf you have just purchased a home or are tired of your existing décor, you may be thinking of a new home theme.  There are so many new ideas and DIY kits out there to make a home truly memorable that it can be difficult deciding on just one. There are many ways to create a theme for your home.  Some may be more appropriate than others.  You may need to take into consideration how much of your home bears this theme such as if the theme is going to include the outside of the home as well as the interior.

Many gated communities or condominium complexes have strict rules regarding the decorative aspects of the exterior of the home.  They want a unity to all of the exterior colors so check with your homeowners association before doing any projects to the outside of the home.  You may find your home looks great on the outside just to be told you have fines to pay and that you need to repair the home back to a state that conforms to the rules of the homeowners association.  This does not mean you cannot make improvement to the exterior; you just need to do them within the guidelines.

The interior of the home offers much more leeway.  There are usually no standards to go by when choosing a theme for the inside of the house.  Just figure out what is appropriate for your theme and you can work away on it.  You can find pieces that fit the theme as well as cabinet hardware that matches and follows this theme.  The following are a few themes for a home that can be used:

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Benefits of Shopping Online Opposed to the Big Store

Anytime you want to purchase something, you may just jump in your car and head to the closest discount store to get the best price.  You think that this is the way to save the most money.  The problem with this is that while there are some savings, you may be giving up quality.  Also, there are other ways to shop to get a better price.  Shopping online can offer many benefits to the shopper as opposed to the big store discount chains.

  • Quality – Even if you save money, you can give up quality.  How much of a savings is there when the product breaks or is damaged because it was not made to withstand the test of time?  You end up having to buy the item again to replace the one that is no longer functional.  Instead, spend the same amount online and get a better product that does last much longer because the quality is better.

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Tips for Decorating with Switch Plates

Switch platesThere are many small changes that you can make within your home to enhance your decor and one great way to make a difference is by installing decorative switch plates. The switch plate was originally designed as a way to protect you and your family from the electrical wires within the walls. They still serve this very important function but they’re not all just plain and simple anymore.

Decorative switch plates come in a variety of styles and colors. For example, some of the finishes include antique bass, copper, flat black, satin pewter, marble, nickel plated and chrome but there are still other options available. They’re also available in many different designs from the simple to the extravagant. They come in a variety of prices but most all of them are very affordable making it possible for you to choose a designed that suits your needs and décor perfectly.

Some of these are plain while others have designs etched into the edges and some of them are themed orientated to make them more decorative. For example, you can buy switch plates designed for nurseries, children’s rooms or ones that are animal or sport themed. Some are designed especially for bathrooms and kitchens and some can be used anywhere. There are many options to choose from.

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Replacing cabinet hardware for hard to find hole spacing

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive here at is what to do when you already have existing hardware that doesn’t seem to be of common hole spacing. The following are a few great alternatives if you can not find the size you need for your kitchen upgrade project:

  • We offer “adjustable” pulls that could be adjusted to accommodate odd size pre-existing holes.Adjustable Cabinet Handle
  • We offer back plates that can be used to cover existing holes so that new standard holes may be drilled. They can also used to cover up old scratches or markings left by old cabinet hardware. It can also be used to protect the cabinet or door from scratches and heavy use.

Handle Backplate

  • Finally there is also the option to fill the holes with wood filler followed by a light sanding with fine-grit sandpaper so you can drill new standard size holes.

Replacing cabinet hardware on kitchen cabinets is perhaps the most inexpensive way to dramatically change the look of any kitchen. Whether the hardware is damaged or outdated, changing the pulls and cabinet hinges is a simple, low-cost way to update any kitchen decor. If you cannot afford a major kitchen overhaul, you might be pleasantly surprised by the dramatic impact of simply replacing cabinet hardware.