Choosing the Appropriate Home Theme

Home ThemeIf you have just purchased a home or are tired of your existing décor, you may be thinking of a new home theme.  There are so many new ideas and DIY kits out there to make a home truly memorable that it can be difficult deciding on just one. There are many ways to create a theme for your home.  Some may be more appropriate than others.  You may need to take into consideration how much of your home bears this theme such as if the theme is going to include the outside of the home as well as the interior.

Many gated communities or condominium complexes have strict rules regarding the decorative aspects of the exterior of the home.  They want a unity to all of the exterior colors so check with your homeowners association before doing any projects to the outside of the home.  You may find your home looks great on the outside just to be told you have fines to pay and that you need to repair the home back to a state that conforms to the rules of the homeowners association.  This does not mean you cannot make improvement to the exterior; you just need to do them within the guidelines.

The interior of the home offers much more leeway.  There are usually no standards to go by when choosing a theme for the inside of the house.  Just figure out what is appropriate for your theme and you can work away on it.  You can find pieces that fit the theme as well as cabinet hardware that matches and follows this theme.  The following are a few themes for a home that can be used:

Home Theme Ideas

  • Sports Home Theme – Some people have a favorite sports team that they are absolutely fanatical about.  Having a home themed around this team can be a fun way to live.  When friends come over for the big game, they are amazed at how much detail you put into your sports themed home.
  • Color Home Palettes – Some choose the theme for their home based on a color palette.  Certain colors create certain moods so each room has a color palette associated with the mood the room should convey.  A breakfast nook would be painted in yellows as this color stimulates the mind and that is what you want when you wake up and get ready for your day.  Blues are calming and many choose this for the bedroom.
  • Exotic Home Themes – Ever want to live in a castle?  You can actually create a theme for your home that is based on what a castle would look like on the inside.  You can paint the walls to look like stone or woodwork and add tapestries as they would have in a castle for decoration and to help keep the drafts out.  You can also choose animal prints for an even more exotic look to the home.

There are so many themes out there that it is simply a decision on what theme is appropriate for you and your family.  Have fun with those who live in the home to come up with a truly unique theme for your home.

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