Install Bath Hardware and Fixtures Properly

Learn to install bath hardware the right way.
Learn to install bath hardware the right way.

Towel bars, clothes hooks, and even bathroom shelves are available in various sizes, materials and degrees of sturdiness. The choice of visual appeal is wide. But, unfortunately, visual appeal is not the only consideration when purchasing hardware for the bathroom.

While a dainty rack to hold a lace guest towel can look lovely near the sink, the reality is that sooner or later it will be expected to support the weight of wet towels and even a heavy bag of personal bath products. Even if the rack survives the weight, it’s possible that the wall that is supporting it won’t Going Here.

Bathroom shelves often accumulate cosmetics, hair styling equipment, and even books and magazines in addition to the decorative candles and figurines that were visualized when the bathroom was designed.

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DIY Tips for Replacing Hinges

Many think that replacing hinges is easy.  While this can be true in most cases, there can be some instances when replacing a hinge becomes a major chore.  There are many variables that need to be taken into consideration when discussing replacing hinges.  Calling a contractor is not necessary as there are only a few screws to remove.  The following are some of the aspects that need to be taken into account as well as some DIY tips for replacing hinges:

  • What Hinges are Being Replaced? – If you are changing the hinges on a door, you may find it very difficult to do without help.  You should have someone there to help you switch them out.  Doors can be very heavy and can cause injury if they fall and there is no one there to hold the door in place.  Cabinets can be replaced with one person but it is easier if there are two.
  • Match the Existing Hinge to the New One – This is one of the best tips to replacing hinges.  If you match the hinges perfectly, you do not have to worry about fit.  This can save a great deal of time.  When the new hinges are a different size then you have to drill new holes and plug the old ones up.  That can be time consuming but it is not always possible to get hinges that match perfectly if the existing ones are very old.

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Benefits of Shopping Online Opposed to the Big Store

Anytime you want to purchase something, you may just jump in your car and head to the closest discount store to get the best price.  You think that this is the way to save the most money.  The problem with this is that while there are some savings, you may be giving up quality.  Also, there are other ways to shop to get a better price.  Shopping online can offer many benefits to the shopper as opposed to the big store discount chains.

  • Quality – Even if you save money, you can give up quality.  How much of a savings is there when the product breaks or is damaged because it was not made to withstand the test of time?  You end up having to buy the item again to replace the one that is no longer functional.  Instead, spend the same amount online and get a better product that does last much longer because the quality is better.

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Complete Cabinet Resurfacing with Cabinet Hardware

<a href="http://www you can look”>Cabinet HardwareIf you have spent time and money in choosing the cabinets in your home, or if  you are looking to renovate or redesign the cabinets in your home, then you may already know that cabinet resurfacing is a great way to do this and save money while you’re at it. However, there is one aspect of cabinet resurfacing that sometimes goes overlooked. The cabinet hardware is a vital part of the renovation that is sometimes not given the proper attention.

Cabinet hardware has an important function of allowing the cabinet drawers and doors to be easily opened and closed. However, there is also an aesthetic appeal to cabinet hardware. People choose the hardware in order to match the existing décor of the room or to help to create a new design of décor in the space.

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Custom Knobs Add Pizzazz to Bathroom Cabinets

Custom knobsIf you are like me, you may want to update your bathroom but do not really have a great deal of money to put into an upgrade.  I wanted to really make a statement in my bathroom so I looked around for some knobs that could add that element that was simply missing.  As I was looking at the different knob types, I found that there were more choices than I could ever imagine. There are not only many different styles and colors of metal, wood and glass knobs, but they come in so many different shapes too.  My bathroom décor is an underwater scene.  There are shells everywhere and the shower curtain has a coral reef pattern with brightly colored fish on it.  I painted the walls light blue and used a sponge with a darker blue to make the walls appear as if they are made of water as well. The only thing I had not done was the cabinets and I really wanted to do something that would make the counters stand out more than they did.  I decided to paint the cabinets in the darker blue to set off the walls and it looked great. 

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Choosing the right theme of decorative hardware for your style of home

european bar pulls Looking to create a new look for an old home?  Whether you’re a first time buyer or homeowner veteran, updating the hardware in your humble abode can be your ticket to an inexpensive renovation!

FINISHING TOUCHES: color is everything!

Picking the right theme &  finish for your decorative hardware is generally the most thought provoking aspect of the entire ordeal.  It can be overwhelming if you don’t have a strong preference before visiting our showroom or website.  The hardware’s finish serves as an integral part of the piece’s design.  The style you are going for can be enhanced by choosing the appropriate finish.  Here are some general suggestions:

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How to measure your existing cabinet handles for replacements

“Center” is the distance between the two screw holes. 

Replacing your old <a title="Cabinet Handle Search" href="http://hardware go to” target=”_blank”>cabinet handles is simple and an inexpensive alternative to spruce up your décor.  You will want to measure from the center of the first hole to the center of the second hole to determine your pre-existing centers. This way you will avoid drilling new holes and filling the old ones.

Please remove the existing cabinet handle prior to obtaining your centers. It will be tempting to avoid the removal of your current hardware in place while measuring however your measurements will be inaccurate.  We recommend the removal of your existing cabinet handles prior to obtaining your measurements.

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Replacing cabinet hardware for hard to find hole spacing

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive here at is what to do when you already have existing hardware that doesn’t seem to be of common hole spacing. The following are a few great alternatives if you can not find the size you need for your kitchen upgrade project:

  • We offer “adjustable” pulls that could be adjusted to accommodate odd size pre-existing holes.Adjustable Cabinet Handle
  • We offer back plates that can be used to cover existing holes so that new standard holes may be drilled. They can also used to cover up old scratches or markings left by old cabinet hardware. It can also be used to protect the cabinet or door from scratches and heavy use.

Handle Backplate

  • Finally there is also the option to fill the holes with wood filler followed by a light sanding with fine-grit sandpaper so you can drill new standard size holes.

Replacing cabinet hardware on kitchen cabinets is perhaps the most inexpensive way to dramatically change the look of any kitchen. Whether the hardware is damaged or outdated, changing the pulls and cabinet hinges is a simple, low-cost way to update any kitchen decor. If you cannot afford a major kitchen overhaul, you might be pleasantly surprised by the dramatic impact of simply replacing cabinet hardware.