Choosing the right lighting for your home


So you’re looking for a new lighting fixture as a new edition to your new home, or to possibly update a room. Whatever the reason may be for the new edition, there are certain tricks and tips that may help aide you in your search for the right product. Let’s get right to it!

When decorating a room, most people focus more so on the furniture and color palettes of a room however, lighting plays a key role in completing the design elements of a room.


There are various styles,themes,colors, sizes and shapes of lighting fixtures available, it’s all just according to what you are looking for in particular.

There are chandeliers, mini chandeliers, flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, pendants, mini-pendants, wall sconces, wall lighting, floor lamps, table lamps and ceiling fans.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of


What’s great about chandeliers, is there ability to really dress a room up. Because of their grandiose appearance, chandeliers usually tend to be placed in dining rooms or foyers. Sometimes, even master bedrooms depending on the size and dimensions of the room. If you still want that “wow” factor of a chandelier but, you don’t necessarily have the space needed to avoid it seeming over-crowded, there are mini chandeliers available. Mini chandeliers make a cute addition to any room, especially bathrooms and bedrooms.

Chandeliers- Courtesy of
Chandeliers– Courtesy of


Pendants, are also another type of lighting that seems to be gaining a lot of traction in the lighting business. They are typically low-hanging fixtures, meant to draw attention in the room. They are great for the kitchen and also, seem to be a hot item in many food establishments all over the States.

If you want to avoid any sort of hanging light fixture all together, then maybe consider your options with either a floor lamp or, even a table lamp. Wall sconces are also a great way to add lighting, but to also add a design element to a bathroom or hallway.

Traditional, transitional, contemporary or modern?

Courtesy of
Courtesy of


Not everyone may know the difference between these style choices but, it’s definitely important to become familiar with them. Say for instance, you would like to go with a more traditional style lighting fixture. In order to get that look and feel, you would go with more of an ornamental design. Typically, with materials such as brass and crystal.

Transitional is more of a hybrid cross between both traditional and contemporary themed designs. Generally, transitional fixtures are comprised of more simple materials such as iron.

Modern themed fixtures usually have less detail and more of a clean, smoother shape to each fixture. Modern, refers to present-day design elements however, modern may also incorporate a more “futuristic” look. Modern light fixtures can be comprised of steel, chrome and glass.

Contemporary lighting fixtures can be both modern and traditional in style. Contemporary typically incorporates new styles from the present day.

European Bar Pulls as shoe guards

Mary Lou., of Murrieta CA - Euro Bar Pull Shoe Rack
Mary Lou., of Murrieta CA – Euro Bar Pull Shoe Rack

A customer of informed us of an alternative use for our European Bar Pulls they had recently purchased.

Besides utilizing European Bar Pulls for your cabinets and furniture, you can also use them as a shoe rack stopper for your closet.

Mary Lou., of Murrieta CA wrote: “I was in the process of a major remodel to my master bedroom, bath and a new walk-in closet. My contractor designed a large shoe storage system for my closet, but we needed something to brace the shoes on the angled shelves. It need to be something that would allow a view of the shoes. The stainless steel bar pulls were perfect for the end braces on the shelves. I now have the most fabulous shoe storage and display system ever. The envy of all my friends.”

Another exciting aspect about this project are the options of various finishes we offer at, to accommodate your style needs. We also carry lots of Brands so you are sure to find what it is you’re looking for.

European Bar Pulls

Don’t forget, If you have any cool projects of your own involving Euro Bar Pulls, tell us your story so we can share your creativity!

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet hardware




So you’re a first-time home owner and you’re renovating your kitchen, installing new cabinets and re-vamping the entire space.  Anyone who has ever purchased new kitchen cabinets knows that they rarely come with hardware.

Thus comes the difficult decision of choosing which hardware you would like to go with. Not only are there so many finishes to choose from but, there are many brands, styles, and themes you could go with.

Appliance Pull in Brushed Nickel
Amerock Appliance Pull in Satin Nickel


Having a starting point to go by is always key. Ask yourself whether or not you want to stick with a more modern theme or possibly go with a rustic theme.

Modern themes tend to incorporate a more tubular or rectangular shape, although some can be more abstract looking. It is all according to what suits your preference for new kitchen hardware.

Atlas Modern Pull- Stainless Steel
Atlas Modern Pull- Stainless Steel

Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match different brands of cabinet hardware. Many people decide to choose different brands but keep the finish or theme the same. Cabinet hardware finishes also typically match lighting fixture finishes. While it’s not a necessity, it is something that you may want to consider in order to make sure everything compliments each other.

Top Knobs Decorative Pull
Top Knobs Decorative Pull
TK7BLK Application Photo
Top Knobs Modern Pull

M1355 Application Photo

Another popular trend is matching your cabinet hardware to kitchen appliances. Like brushed nickel or polished nickel. It brings a nice cohesion to your updated space.

No matter what style, finish or theme you decide to go with, remember to have fun and choose something you will love for many years to come in your new home.


Top Knobs Cup Pulls

Must have cleaning point





2- Clean the bathroom faucet with lemon.

Tired of those hard-to-clean water spots on your bathroom faucet? This quick trick should clear that up in no time!

What you’ll need: 1 lemon.

All you need to do is take a lemon, slice it down the middle and use it to scrub the surface of the faucet. The stains will start to disappear right before your eyes.55-Must-Read-Cleaning-Tips-Tricks-hard-water



3- Wash legos in the washing machine.

If you are reading this and have children, there’s a good chance you have legos lurking around the house somewhere. Unfortunately, like many other children’s toys, legos get filthy from everyday sticky fingers and thus, need to be cleaned and disinfected. This idea I have stumbled upon, is actually quite genius.

What you’ll need: 1 Mesh bag for washing delicates and 1 cup of standard laundry detergent.

Just take the legos and place them into the mesh laundry bag. After the cycle has finished, you will see the immediate difference.55-Must-Read-Cleaning-Tips-Tricks-laundry-bag

4- Cleaning a vacuum filter.

Vacuum filters can get dirty pretty quickly. Like me, I’m sure you tend to forget about cleaning the filter, aside from simply shaking it out every once in a while (If I remember). The problem with that, is the overall buildup of dirt and grime overtime, which ends up preventing the vacuum from really working thoroughly. Here is a simple and quick fix to help you out.

What you’ll need: A dishwasher and a dirty vacuum filter.

Most filters will be able to handle a run through the dishwasher. If you are a little weary about doing this, you can always run it through a light cycle as a test run.


5- Clean the iron with salt.

I’m not usually big into ironing, but for those of you who are, you may find this little tip I’ve stumbled upon quite handy.

What you’ll need: Iodized salt. A dirty iron.

Sprinkle a generous amount of salt onto your ironing board. Turn your iron’s setting to the highest option. [Make sure you turn off the steam option.] When heated, iron over the salt and you’ll soon see the dirt start to stick to the salt which ends up leaving the iron with a beautiful shine.55-Must-Read-Cleaning-Tips-Tricks-iron

6- Remove and iron out carpet stains.

Carpeting-you either love it or hate it. Although it is beautiful when you first have carpeting installed, it’s extremely difficult to keep clean. Especially, if you have a light color. If carpeting does get dirty, it can be seemingly impossible to get stains out. Although this next method may not work on every single type of stain, it will surely do a decent job at lightening the stain, at the very least.

What you’ll need: An Iron, an ammonia-based product and a clean towel.

Take your ammonia-based product, spray the stain with the product and place the clean towel over the stain. From there, you will begin pressing the heated iron on top the towel and hold it there for a few moments. Please remember to be cautious while doing this as to prevent the carpeting from being burned.



7- Prevent food from sticking to your outdoor grill.

Summer seems so far away, but we all know what it’s like to barbecue some burgers, only to be left with a mess on the grill that we tend to avoid cleaning. Here’s a great way to avoid that mess next summer.

What you’ll need: 1 yellow onion and a clean grill.

This actually qualifies as a preventative measure against grime build up on grills rather than a cleaning method.onion

Adding Tiles To Your Built-In Pool


I know It’s difficult to imagine summer when winter just came upon us but, for those of you who plan on installing built-in pools this up-coming year, usually have to get a good head start in pricing and design in order to have everything ready to go by early spring.

Some people like to get fancy with their tile work in their built-in pools, while others like to keep it simple. It really comes down to personal taste and also what your budget is. Don’t feel too intimidated by the installment photos below, most belong to multi-million dollar homes in wealthy countries.

Vidrepur, a vendor we work with here at and, has a very nice collection of tiles for your built-in pool project. With a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from, Vidrepur definitely has what you’re looking for. To give you a quick background on Vidrepur, they are a large tile manufacturer based out of Spain, with head quarters in both Mexico and the States. All of their tiles are made from 99% Recycled glass, which is awesome that they care about the environment, as well as a design standpoint.

Featured below are some of their popular glow in the dark tiles. Now, not all of us can afford such an amenity as glow in the dark tiles but, they sure are cool to look at!


Glow in the Dark Tiles
Glow in the Dark Tiles

Vidrepur offers other material-based products such as, Titanium, pearl and glass.

Featured below are both standard and more extravagant tile work for built in pools. If you visit Vidrepur’s website directly, you can find step by step instructions for installation.



Hot New Home Hardware Trends For 2015



Now that 2015 is in full swing, most of us are looking for a fresh new start. Renovations are common place around the start of a new year as new home decor trends start to surface. With that being said, here are some top trends in home hardware for this year.


Bronze Cabinet Hardware

Brass has made a big comeback, recently. Sticking with a more European but, rustic look.

RK International is one brand among many following suit with this growing trend recently, by introducing their new line of Valencia Bronze pulls and knobs. Bronze has also become prominent in both bathrooms and kitchens as well, from faucets to accent pieces.

bronzeNickel Cabinet Hardware

Another growing trend is a “worn” or “distressed” look with home hardware pieces.

Again, RK International released a brand new product line of appliance pulls comprised of Worn Nickel.

Most of us are used to seeing brushed, polished or satin finishes so, this is a refreshing look for those of you who want to really stray away from the typical finishes.




Brass has made its own come back as well. Although many still prefer a more polished brass look, the growing trend seems to be a more rustic or, antique brass finish.



Appliance pulls with two tones also seems to be gaining popularity as well.

The two contrasting finishes can really be the right hardware piece to make a room or kitchen have that “wow” factor.


Accenting a Room With Cabinet Hardware

When it comes to accenting home furniture with cabinet hardware, you don’t always have to go with the bold and colorful styles and finishes. This is especially true for those of you who have a large sized room with a need for multiple pulls or handles for your furniture. Choosing the right finish and style is imperative for decorating your furniture, without overwhelming a space. If you have light colored furniture, you may want to stick with a lighter finish for your cabinet hardware as well. Polished Nickel, or other nickel finishes tend to be light and blend well with lighter colored furniture. Some people enjoy the contrast between light furniture and darker colored knob or handles. The only problem is that the focus tends to go directly toward the darker colored objects which, takes away from the room’s ambiance on a whole.

If you have darker colored furniture, having a finish that’s not too light but does have a slight contrast works well. Perhaps using a brushed pewter finish or an antique brass finish would work nicely together.

A recent customer of ours submitted a review of a few cabinet pulls they had purchased for their walk-in closet.

The customer raved about cabinet pulls they chose and how each one seemingly disappeared into the space, which is precisely what they were aiming for, to avoid their space looking like a series of ladders.

With the right cabinet pull choices you can truly transform a space into something that doesn’t take away from the other aspects of the room.


Via Customer Sharon Warburton of New Zealand.
Via Customer Sharon Warburton of New Zealand.

5 DIY Christmas gifts using Re-purposed Cabinet Knobs and Pulls









If you go to Etsy’s website, there are a ton of vendors that sell gifts for Christmas, that are actually re-purposed items you can find lying around your own home. Recently, cabinet hardware has become a hot item to re-purpose. Here we have comprised a list of 5 gifts you can make to give to that special someone in your life, this holiday.


Courtesy of CondoBlues
Courtesy of CondoBlues
Courtesy of RustiqueArtBlog
Courtesy of RustiqueArtBlog


    1.- Cabinet Knob Bottle Stopper

     Did you know you can turn an ordinary wine cork into a decorative bottle stopper with new or old cabinet knobs? You can use whatever type of adhesive you like but, I,      myself, am a KrazyGlue kind of girl. I find it gets the job done quickly and efficiently for most mediums used. You can either use cabinet knobs you may have replaced        or, you can buy new knobs for relatively cheap. 

     Crystal door knobs add a really nice, antique touch to the cork. 

    These make a really great addition to gift baskets, with a touch of creativity.

Courtesy of













2.- Cabinet Pull Key holder 

Take old or new cabinet pulls and screw them onto a wooden platform or directly into the wall for a quick and creative method for hanging keys. 

If your home already has an antique design element , the antique-style pulls will really accentuate the room. Cabinet cup pulls, are also another option to place keys in. The cups will act as a key dish, when flipped upside down.

Courtesy of Mankato Cabinet Craft













Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

    3.- Tie and Scarf Hanger

        I don’t know about you but, I always seem to just toss my scarves into the abyss, aka, my closet. I’ve even started using my jewelry tree as a scarf holder. Of course, this tends to look messy. I thought this idea was         brilliant. Take an old or new cabinet pull and screw it into the wall. Voila! Now you have a place to neatlyhang scarves and/or ties.








Courtesy of Craft Scrappy Happy
Courtesy of Craft Scrappy Happy




4.- Coat and Hat Hanger

Most people just hang their coats in their closet but, what does the single person living in a small studio apartment do with no closet space and a room full of coats? Coat hangers seem to be making a popular comeback for many DIY-ers. Especially with all of the cool and creative ways you can make one yourself. All you need is a piece of wood for the backing and some cabinet knobs. Screw the knobs into the wood and screw the wooden backing into the wall. Since there are tons of really cool knobs, you can literally match your knobs to whatever theme your room may be. I personally think crystal and brass knobs on a piece of worn, painted wood looks very artistic and cute.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of










5.- Mason Jar Travel Mug

     Anyone who knows me knows that my love for mason jars continues to grow every day. I love when restaurants utilize them as beer mugs but, the only downside is holding the mason jar without dropping it (especially after a couple of drinks). 

That is why this idea is pure genius. Using Gorilla Glue, mason jars and the cabinet pulls of your choice, you can create your own travel mug! After applying the Gorilla Glue to the side of the mason jar, use rubber bands to make sure the cabinet pull really adheres to the glass. Allow time for it to set and dry.

Courtesy of

Accenting your kitchen with tiles





            As the holiday season rapidly approaches, many of you will probably be looking to renovate kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. A popular and also pretty affordable renovation that I see a lot, are accent tile backsplashes for kitchens. Accent tiles come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and materials. Whatever look you are going for, you can most likely achieve with all of the options out there for you.

            Let’s start out with the dimensions of the area you are looking to install the tile on. Making sure you have the right measurements is critical in how the end result will turn out. Next you need to choose which style you would like to go with. There are literally hundreds of textures, materials and patterns you can choose form, depending on what look you are trying to go for. Also, keeping within your budget is always important too.

Tiles usually come in glass, metal, stone, ceramic, porcelain, pebble, marble, granite and also combination materials such as, stone & glass, stone & metal and metal & glass.

            Alot of people tend to stick with a certain color theme for their kitchens and bathrooms, which is why tiles can come in so many differently color combinations and styles.

Shown below (left), is a customer’s installation shots from  their kitchen. As you can see, they decided to stick with a bronze theme and went with the HotGlass- Aventurine Blended 3/4″ Glass Tile in Black Velvet Blend (HAK-34288). has quite the extensive collection of tiles. No matter what you’re looking for, they will most likely have exactly what you want. The site even offers an installation guide for those who are willing to install the tiles themselves. What’s even cooler about these tiles is that, many of them aren’t only meant for kitchens but, can also be used in bathtubs, pools, jacuzzis’, etc. Many of the tiles sold on the site are waterproof, which means you can clean them in order to maintain appearance, without fear of ruining them premarin pills. That is also why glass has become one of the more popular tile choices when choosing a kitchen backsplash. Not only is glass easier to clean, it is also more affordable than some of the other materials out there.   

            When you do come to the final step of installation, you could do one of two things. Either do it yourself, or have a professional come in and install it. Of course we would all like to think we are handy enough to put up a few tiles but, sometimes hiring someone to do the manual labor for you, ends up saving you the frustration and time in the long run.  Remember, there are certain tiles that are easier to install than others. Mosaic tiles come with a mesh backing, making it easier for first time installers. With that being said, good luck and happy decorating! 


Metal & Glass Tiles in customer installation in kitchen. Courtesy of Diamond Tech Glass Tiles – Impact -Staggered Glass and Metal Mosaic Tile in Midnight Metal – ( DT-87157 )
Customer installation shot, courtesy of HotGlass – Aventurine Blended 3/4″ Glass Tile in Black Velvet Blend (HAK-34288)



How To Clean Door Knobs with Different Finishes


It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is now upon us. It is known to many as a joyous time, spent with family and friends. A time for enjoying all that the holiday season has to offer. Unfortunately, it is also now the heart of flu season.  But fear not, we have a comprised a list of various ways to clean and disinfect the most prominent area of the house known for passing on germs; Door Knobs!

Today, doorknobs can come in a wide variety of finishes. Everything from brass to nickel, stainless steel, bronze, chrome, painted aluminum and even crystal. Knowing how to clean each of these surfaces efficiently without ruining their finishes, is the tricky part check this site out. Lucky for you, we have researched the various ways that you can effectively clean your door knobs to bring out that original shine, and also disinfect in time for flu season.



Baldwin© Brass door handle, courtesy of


Brass is quite the popular finish and has been around since ancient times. Made of alloy, zinc and copper, brass has been used for various things over the years. Maintaining its popularity are brass door knobs. Since brass is a durable metal, many people choose that over any other finish. Its acoustic properties prevent rust and corrosion. One of the easiest ways to clean and disinfect brass is to use simple items you can usually find sitting around your house. Lemon juice is great for cleaning. Its acidic properties work very quickly in breaking down any dirt and grime build up. The plus side, it smells great too! Another favorite household item that seems to continuously make its rounds in various cleaning articles, is white vinegar. White vinegar is not only a safer alternative to using harsh chemicals but, it leaves brass with a beautiful shine, making it look the same as it did the day you installed your doorknobs.

  • Fill a large bowl with 2 parts vinegar and 1 part warm water.
  • Let door knob soak for 15 minutes.
  • Gently rub with a soft rag.
  • Rinse off with warm water and buff dry with a clean rag or cloth.
Courtesy of





Baldwin© Nickel Door handles, courtesy of


Nickel tends to have green tarnish that can build up on its surface. WD40 comes in handy when handling nickel. Special metal cleaners are also good to use as well. Remember to test small spots out on the surface first, as to assess any damage should there be any.

  • Grab some WD40 and fine steel wool.
  • Spray a small amount of the WD40 onto the area you want cleaned and apply the wool to the surface, making small circular motions.

If you have thin nickel plating, or are simply afraid of taking the chance using fine steel wool, you can always use our good friend, white vinegar.

Courtesy of
  • Fill a large bowl with 2 parts vinegar and 1 part warm water.
  • Dip a cotton rag into the solution and apply to the knob.
  • Use circular motions as with fine steel wool until surface appears cleaner.
  • Repeat until desired look is achieved.

If neither of these options work for you, you can always clean your nickel door knobs/handles, with pure ammonia.

  • You must use pure ammonia, not the diluted kind.
  • Make sure the area in which you are cleaning in, is properly ventilated.
  • Pour the Ammonia into a large bowl and submerge the knobs in the solution.
  • Leave the knobs in the ammonia the several hours or, overnight depending on preference and type of nickel.
  • Upon pulling the knobs out, wipe the dirt and tarnish with a soft cloth under clean, warm water.




Baldwin© Stainless Steel knob, courtesy of

Stainless-steel, although beautiful in appearance can be quite a pain in the neck to maintain. Most people don’t realize how often you really should be cleaning stainless-steel household items and appliances.

Cleaning stainless-steel knobs will help protect them and also maintain their appearance.  If you have stainless-steel door knobs in your home or office, follow these directions below.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of
  • Fill a bucket or bowl with warm water.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of detergent to the water until suds begin to form.
    • Dip a soft rag into the soapy water and squeeze out the excess liquid.
    • Wipe knobs with soapy rag until dirt appears to come off.
  • Once desired look is achieved, rinse off with warm water and buff dry.

(If you have stains on the steel door knobs, you can use a mild abrasive cleanser on them. )




Baldwin© Chrome door handle, courtesy of
Baldwin© Chrome door handle, courtesy of

Chrome is one of those finishes that is really eye-catching. It’s also very easy to get dirty. Because of its smooth surface, chrome tends to show every single smudge,fingerprint and scratch. That’s why it’s important to really maintain it regularly. Luckily, there are many chrome cleaners out right now. A popular favorite is, Mother’s which is actually meant for chrome rims but, it will work just as well for your door knob.

Another way to get rid of stubborn stains and dirt on Chrome, is to use baking soda.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of
  • Take 1 tablespoon of baking soda and pour into a bowl.
  • Add water to the baking soda and mix until it forms a paste-like solution.
  • Next, take either a rag or a soft-bristled tooth brush and gently rub the surface of the chrome.
  • Gently rinse off the baking soda with clean, warm water.
  • Wipe dry with a micro-fiber cloth.

If you’re looking to clean and sanitize your chrome knob remember, you can wipe down the knob with vinegar and water as a finishing product.



Black Matte Coated

Black Matte Coated
Black Matte Coated, courtesy of

Black Matte Coated door knobs are typically comprised of either a zinc alloy metal or solid brass as a base, which is then plated with the black matte finish. A protective lacquer is then applied in order to preserve the black matte finish.

Because of its delicate composition, only mild soap and water can be used on these door knobs.

  • Mix two parts of mild detergent with warm water (You can use antibacterial soap if you wish to disinfect, as well).
  • Take a soft cloth or rag and submerge into the detergent solution. Make sure to ring out any excess liquid, as to not saturate the knob.
  • When finished removing dirt and disinfecting the knob, take a clean, damp cloth and wipe clean.
  • Dry with a soft, clean cloth or rag.




Baldwin® crystal door knob, courtesy of
Baldwin® crystal door knob, courtesy of

Crystal door knobs are very popular, and very beautiful if you can afford them. Like anything else, with beauty comes a price. Crystal is a magnet for dust but, what makes crystal tricky, are the translucent properties which make it difficult to really ascertain the level of dirtiness. Crystal is also very delicate. Much like the black matte coated knob previously discussed, crystal needs to be cleaned with a mild detergent or white vinegar. You can combine both solutions together in a bowl, in order to get that shine you desire. Since crystal mimics glass, vinegar is the better choice for cleaning/sanitizing the knob. White vinegar eliminates streaking and water spots which is why it is also a great solution for cleaning mirrors and glass tables.

  • Fill a bowl with warm water and a few drops of detergent.
  • Add 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar.
  • Use a lint-free cloth and submerge into the solution (you can also use a baby’s bottle brush).
  • Rinse clean with warm water and pat dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.


Well, now you know how to disinfect and remove dirt, safely from each finish.


–Happy Cleaning!