How to Install Exterior Handle Sets on a New Door

Exterior Handle SetsExterior handle sets can dress up your home and add security from intruders. They’re available in a number of different styles and finishes to go perfectly with your personal style and existing décor. You can have handle sets installed professionally but you can also do it yourself. When installing a handle set onto a new door you’ll need to cut out the holes where the hardware will be installed. It’s important to get the measurements exact or it will not close properly and it can be annoying if the handles are too low or too high.

Basic instructions on how to install exterior handle sets on a new door:

  • The first step is to gather up all of your tools. You’ll need a screwdriver, tape measure, chisel, square, marker, drill, coarse file and a round saw drill bit for cutting holes.
  • Support the door on its side and secure it in place. You don’t want the door moving around while you’re trying to drill holes.
  • The average door is eighty inches high and the handle set is placed forty-six inches from the top and thirty-six inches from the bottom. This places the handle where it’s convenient for the average size person to use. It can be adjusted according to your personal preference.
  • After determining where the handle set will be placed use the template and mark the center part of the latch hole. Now drill a hole approximately three inches into the door.
  • Use the template to mark the center of the hole that will be used for the lock body. Be sure and align it with the latch hole perfectly.  Use the round saw drill bit the size of the template to cut out the hole for the handles.
  • Use the file to sand and smooth the edges of the hole and use the chisel to cut out the recess where the latch plate goes and then use the screws to attach the latch to the door.
  • Hang the door and secure with the hinges and you’re ready to install the hardware.
  • Use the latch plate to mark the location of the strike plate, chisel out the hole and install the strike plate with screws.
  • Insert the interior handle and line up the shaft with the opening in the latch and then slide the outer handle through the hole and into place while coupling it onto the shaft.
  • Line up all the pieces and use screws to secure them together.
  • Move the handles up and down and open and close the door a few times to make sure everything is working correctly. If there is a problem you’ll need to loosen the screws and adjust the pieces then retighten. Repeat until the handles work correctly.

Not all handle sets will be installed the same way but the basic instructions are the same. Therefore, using the information above can help you install most handle sets.  Most manufactures will include installation instructions with their handle sets so it is always a good idea to read these thoroughly prior to drilling your doors.

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