Replacing Chandeliers

Do it yourself projects can either be complicated or incredibly easy.  Some prefer to call in a contractor to do the work instead of risking mucking up the job.  Replacing chandeliers seems like a project that is better left to the contractor but the truth is that anyone with a small amount of DIY experience can do it quite easily.  There are a few steps to replacing chandeliers that can make the process go smoothly.

  • How Much Does the New Chandelier Weigh? – This is an important aspect of replacing a chandelier.  If the new chandelier is heavier than the old one, then you have to replace the junction box which holds the hardware and is used to mount the unit.  Make sure you replace this if the new chandelier is heavier.  A chandelier that is too heavy can eventually fall and rip out all of the wires and can create quite a mess for you.
  • Electricity – Make sure to turn off the electricity at the breaker or fuse box for the room the chandelier is located in.  You do not want to have any on as you work with the chandelier wires, you could become seriously electrocuted.

  • Take Down Old Chandelier – Remove all mounting screws and carefully take the old one out.  Have someone hold it while you remove all wiring.  Make sure to mark what wire goes where so you have an easier time installing the new chandelier click to read.
  • Junction Box – If you need a new one then you should install this now before putting in your new chandelier.  Feed through all of the wires without removing the tags you put on them.  Make sure the new junction box is installed properly to avoid accidents.
  • Mounting Strap – Some chandeliers require a mounting strap.  Most of the new ones on the market need one so if you do not have one, install it now.  It is just a matter of screwing in a few bolts.
  • Chandelier Hardware and Electrical – Attach all hardware and connect all wires to the proper ones in the junction box.  Make sure that all wires are correctly matched or the chandelier cannot work.  Secure all screws firmly and make sure the chandelier is properly mounted.  Turn the electricity back on and see if the lights come on.

Once you have completed these steps you are ready to finish up the installation.  Each manufacturer has different details that you should follow.  Basically you need to put the cap over the junction box to hide all the wiring.

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