Creative Ways to Decorate a Kid's Room

There is probably nothing more fun than taking the time to decorate a kid’s room.  They simply love having a new room that has a spark of their own personality.  Allowing your child to help you decorate is a great way to bond and to get to know them.  While many parents may not want to have their kid’s input, it is important to allow them to choose some aspect of their room such as the color.  There are many other creative things that can be done to make a kid’s room truly unique.

  • Murals – One of the hottest fads for decorating a kid’s room is having a mural painted.  You can hire someone to do this or you can do it yourself with your child’s help.  There are many stencil packages that can be purchased at DIY stores that make it easy to paint your own mural.  You simply trace the characters or scenes and then paint in the same manner as you would a paint by numbers kit.  Hiring someone to paint the mural can be easier but more expensive.  Painting with your child can be a fun task.
  • Cartoon Themes – Many children have a favorite cartoon or television show.  You can decorate the room in the colors of the cartoon or television show and add some borders or stickers of the characters portrayed.  Cabinets can be painted to contrast and handles and pulls can be easily added.  Kids love rooms based on these themes and have fun helping you to decorate.  You can also find decorative crates that can be used to hold toys and gaming equipment to match the theme.
  • Bedding – When decorating a kid’s room, make sure you find bedding that matches the colors of the room.  This is the final touch that all themed rooms need.  There are many suppliers online that furnish a wide variety of themed “bed in a bag” sets which come with everything you need; the sheets, pillow cases, comforters and pillow shams are all included.  If you cannot find one that has the theme on it, you can always choose the colors that are included in the decorations on the wall or the colors that the room is being painted.

Getting to decorate a kid’s room is fun, but it’s also a bonding experience with you and your child. It is fun for children to help you come up with a new décor for their bedroom.  Allow them some independence by choosing their own theme or by helping you to come up with one.  When they help you decorate, you can create a better bond with your child.

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