Inexpensive Upgrades to Help Sell Your Home

inexpensive upgradesSelling your home can be difficult today because of the drop in sales in the housing market.  Homes are not being sold for the same price that they were purchased as housing costs are plummeting with the market.  There are some inexpensive upgrades that can be made to the home that can help it sell much quicker and for a better price than the market shows.  The following are some inexpensive tips to upgrading your home to help you sell it.

  1. Go Green – You can make your home more desirable by putting in some green and ecologically friendly aspects.  Switch out your existing lighting with low energy LED lighting or other more economical light types.  You can also plant some shade trees that offer a cooler home.  Install a downspout with a barrel to collect rainwater for watering the garden.  Low flow toilets and shower heads can also make the home more green and help it to sell much quicker.
  2. Kitchen Bring your kitchen up to date by changing some small parts of it.  The pulls and hinges on the cabinets and drawers can be changed out to something more modern that adds a nicer touch to it.  Replace the old sink hardware with new and see how quickly the look of the kitchen is updated.  If you have some DIY skills, you can always change the paint or the stain color of the cabinets to make them look fresher.
  3. Bathroom Do the same upgrades to the bathroom cabinetry and fixtures as you would in the kitchen to offer a more modern look.  You should also paint the bathroom if you have a theme that may not be popular for everyone.  Choose neutral colors that show off your bathrooms best assets.
  4. Exterior – Pull up any weeds in the yard and manicure the lawn.  If there are brown patches, get some lawn paint and have a full green yard in just a few hours.  Add in some flowers around the exterior of the house and fences to really make the exterior look nice.

Once you have done all these inexpensive upgrades you may be reluctant to sell your home after all.  You also find that selling your home is much easier when these few upgrades have been completed.  There is no reason to live with a home that you no longer want or can afford when the few tips can really make the home sell for much more and much quicker.

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